Rebeca Nonaka specialist Physiotherapist

I graduated in 1984 in Brazil as a physiotherapist and worked at a special education school for the visual and hearing impairment, Rheumatology and Traumatology Clinic, Pediatric Hospital and Neonatology Clinic.

In 1989 I’ve started working for both NHS and private hospitals in London. I also worked for the American Hospital Group in 1997. In February 2002 I’ve joined The Notting Hill Private Medical Practice, the same year that I graduated as a Craniosacral Therapist in London. At present I’m working at my private practice in North West London.

My clinics includes all age group, both babies and adults and I use a variety of techniques and therapies in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who are affected by physical problems caused by illness, disability, injury or ageing. Once we do the assessment, we will then work with you to decide how to treat it.

When someone has a serious injury or condition, they’re usually reasonably diligent about seeking out the services of a Physiotherapist but with smaller injuries, they think “I’m in pain now, but I’m sure it’ll be fine in a couple of days” which is a common and sensible reality

The problems begin when a couple of days becomes weeks or even months and a niggling problem become a chronic condition that will take longer and be significantly more difficult for the Physiotherapist to resolve, when he or she is finally consulted.

There is good evidence that occupational physiotherapy is cost-effective for large and small businesses.

If you are an employer or manager, find out more about how physiotherapy can help to: Reduce sickness absence and offer additional business benefits.

Do not hesitate to meet a Physiotherapist, book an appointment:

Your session will be always unique, because it is all about you and your particular needs. Home visits are available for the housebound.

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Please take a moment to watch my video and know some of the techniques i can apply to provide the best results for your treatment.


Post graduations and Education

- Acupuncture - Craniosacral therapy courses (London);

- Orthopaedic outpatient courses (RNOH, Westminster Hospital and Middlesex Hospital);

- Kinesiology tapping Other courses:

- Meeting with Mesenteries (2019);

- Being with blood (2019);

- Trauma 3 Developmental trauma (2019);

- Pelvic Power, cranial approaches to pelvic floor (2018);

- Breath of Life and Air (2018);

- Trauma Review 1 working with activation (2018);

- Trauma Review 2 working with Dissociation (2018);

- A conversation with horses (2016);

- Cultivating a Successful Practice by CSTA (2016)

- Developing Safe Empathic Awareness An Embodied Perspective (2014);

- Dentistry & The CranioSacral System (2011);

- Visceral Organs (2010);

- Listening to the song of the soul and Craniosacral work and the Subtle Bodies (2008);

- Upholding Ethical Practices for the CSTA by H2 Training & Consultancy (2007);

- The Abdominal Plexi, Still Points: Deepening into Stillness, Sensory and Motor Innervations of the face, The Shoulders: a floating structure, The Sacrum - a Suspended waterbed (2005 – 2006);

- Emergency First Aid (HS Training Service);

- Electrotherapy Course (2001); - CSP Congress (Birmingham);

- Intensive Care (Hospital of St. John & Elizabeth 1994);

- Normal Movement (Middlesex Hospital - 1993);

Professional History

- Rebeca Physio Clinic, London (2010 – present);

- Notting Hill Private Medical Practice, London (2002 – 2010);

- Princess Grace Hospital, London (1999 - 2002);

- Highgate Private Hospital, London (1997 - 1998);

- Angela Shaw Associates, London (1997 - 1997);

- Fitzroy and Nuffield Hospital, London (1996 - 1996);

- Howell - Addenbrooke Clinic, London (1996 - 1996);

- Hospital of St. John & Elizabeth, London (1993 - 1996);

- North Middlesex Hospital, London (1992 - 1993);

Rebeca has special interest

Back and neck derangement

Postural problems

Occupational and related problems

Sport injury

Somato-emotional problems

Stress management

Rebeca Nonaka has advanced knowledge and techniques that guarantees the quality and excellence of its services.

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